And We Run

    In the hills, on the street, in the woods, on the track

    And I, You, They, We Run

    The worldwide movement of running invites tribes of individuals focused on pushing themselves to achieve great things—whether running alone or as a united force. I designed the identity for And We Run who intend to push that message out to tribes the world over. Competing with giant sportswear brands that have the benefit of history and resource on their side is a challenge, as is being tasked to create an identity design that would align alongside with them too.


    Creative Director





    The urban environment and semiotics of competitive racing, in the form of two blocks to form a ‘flag’ was the overarching concept for the identity design. The outcome is a monochrome based identity that has room for equity in the future, with clear visuals of road and track markings along with number cards that form simple visual assets. Combined with emotive photography that puts the runner protagonist first and a brand layer with type and the symbol—an ‘equals’—is intended to intrigue & inspire.