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Design direction on the early stages of a brand transformation

Going, going, gone

Founded in 2015, as a newsletter to family and friends, Going (previously 'Scott’s Cheap Flights') now has a membership of over 2 million people. Having grown to encompass a website, search engine, newsletter and soon-to-launch app, they help members find more value when they travel by approaching booking differently.

Today, with a team of over 60, the brand has grown beyond just Scott, and beyond the initial proposition of ‘cheap flights’. I worked as a freelance Design Director as DesignStudio was challenged to build on this incredible growth with a new brand strategy, name and visual identity for the next-leg of the brand’s journey.

I worked on the immersion and strategy stages, leaving before the visual identity was developed. They did pick my name suggestion, though! See the full case study here.


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    • Eric Ng
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