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NBA2K and its community have always been at the intersection of what’s next in basketball, gaming, and culture. For the 20th anniversary launch in 2018 and the 2K20 game launch events, I was commissioned by L.A. based experiential agency NRG to create a series of designs that were used to dress the venue(s). These were in the form of posters and infographics, following brand guidelines already in place for the respective year’s games.


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The 2K20 designs were all poster based around focused around key pieces of inspirational copy, pasted onto individual gaming plinths

For the 2K19 game launch, I created a series of posters inspired by the 20 years of the game’s existence

20 years of NBA2K

To celebrate the two decades of NBA gaming, four monolithic columns central to the event experience, were constructed. I produced a series of infographics across each face that acted as a detailed timeline of the game’s history as party-goers could play the corresponding year’s game on a range of different consoles.


    • Ross Cairns
    • Creative Director
    • NRG
    • Commissioning Agency