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Fox wanted to create a dedicated space for the WWE fandom to come together and invest in the Universe. This platform would host a marketplace where fans could buy and sell NFTs of epic Superstars, legendary matches, and iconic moments from WWE history.

The platform needed to look and feel like the WWE brand, with the all-important marketplace experience feeling as easy as trading old-school collectables.

The Moonsault site has turned into a community hub for the WWE fandom. As of September 2022, the secondary sales (fans trading with fans) volume was $79,337.92. Plus, the WWE Universe discord hosted on the website now has 6,183 members and rising.


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The Moonsault product design

We designed and built a website as bold and brash as the WWE fans themselves, with a straightforward user journey, helping them easily navigate the site. With an in-depth ‘About Us’ and ‘FAQs’ page and a profound lack of tech jargon, users can easily digest what is in front of them.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this fandom is hardcore. They have an unbreakable passion for all things WWE. So we created the ‘About Moonsault’ page to make web3 concepts easy to grasp.

From a video of Superstar herself, Sonya Deville explaining what an NFT is, to the brand storytelling revolving around fans shaping the future of WWE Universe, the website is carefully crafted to bring fans on board, from the moment they arrive.