51-53 Digital

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Our business brought to life in the digital space

eCommerce for a streetwear store

A huge part of the 51–53 business lived in a digital space, and all roads led to the online store. Between the main gateways of social media and e-mail campaigns, we developed marketing and content strategies to pull customers towards the culture, and ultimately to buy from the website.

I developed a website design with a heavy emphasis on street culture that centred around the needs of the customer, whilst showcasing clear information about the products. Bringing the brand identity to life digitally relied heavily on well curated photography from 51–53's own endeavours—pulling from seasonal look books through to product specific shots taken in a studio setup.


Creative Director




EN. Agency

Hover interactions

CTA's that appear on hover help to clean up the interface, while quickly becoming an interaction that customers understand and then utilising. Having floating cards and markers on garments was a great way for 51–53 to be able to direct users to key pages and products quickly and in a way that the users felt in control—they are informed about the key facts about a product before committing to a click.

Social media content production

Producing bespoke content was an ongoing effort as part of our social media strategy. We constantly produced original lookbooks with local creates featuring our products in settings that represented the culture around our store.

Pushing products was always the primary consideration when it came to our social presence, while maintaining integrity in the culture. Finding this balance was sometimes a challenge.

Multi-touchpoint online campaigns

Between the store gatweays of social media and e-mail campaigns, all roads led to the eCommerce platform where we sold out product and were able to best represent ourselves within the fashion and street culture worlds. Seasonal sale campaigns were the place to let the strong, bold visual identity flourish—as opposed to the content-led marketing in between seasons.


    • Rob Fenton
    • Co-Founder
    • Tom Edwards
    • Co-Founder
    • Robyn Clarke
    • Photography
    • Jade Washington
    • Stylist