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🌀Alternative sounds, positive vibes 🌀

Design for online radio

From radio founder Ciaran: “The premise of the show is ‘cutting teeth’ — and this idea that most people did something else before they made it in whatever industry they’re now known. Specifically, so many people skated and listened to punk music before they became something else—something I constantly discover and is way more apparent now that I’m part of another world. It’s always this accidental common ground.

The show’s purpose is twofold; to big up sounds considered ‘the other’. So punk music primarily, loads of hardcore, but also jazz, indie rap stuff. Where those worlds overlap. And secondly; to shine a light on positive role models doing other things when so many kids out there are stuck looking up the to the same crooked archetype. Listening to artists that glorify drugs and violence and bullshit.”


Art Director