EF UI Design Kit

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  • Identity Design,

Tools, support and guidance for digital designers across EF

A digital overhaul

As part of the EF Global Creative Studio’s G.U.D. 4 project, we rolled out a digital design system for the entire company. I provided creative direction and design assistance to ensure that methodologies that had been defined as part of the project remain consistent throughout the digital realm in EF.

The UI Design Kit lays the foundation to help designers within EF work together towards a user-friendly and beautiful digital EF experience. Having a shared global design language allows us to increase productivity, improve quality and create consistency within EF.


Creative Director




EF Education First

The UI Kit project was led by Anders Højmose and Filippa Keerberg, and was delivered in the form of a comprehensive Sketch file

Core & Expression

All of EF's businesses have to be distinguishable from each other but still belong to the same EF brand and ecosystem. The EF UI Kit aims to include a core set of reusable elements. Outside the core, designers are encouraged to add individual product expression.


    • Joel Hladecek
    • Chief Creative Officer
    • Marcus Ivarsson
    • Exec. Creative Director
    • Anders Højmose
    • Head of UX
    • Filippa Keerberg
    • UX Designer
    • Annabelle Frohn
    • UX Designer
    • Russell Smith
    • Digital Designer
    • Lukasz Kulakowski
    • Digital Art Director
    • Thomas Le Corre
    • Digital Art Director