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EF’s most adventurous product for 18-29 year olds

Epic trips. Zero Stress.

Ultimate Break sits at the far edge of the product spectrum within EF Education First, representing all things adventure and modernity within the company. Whilst a small product, it acts as a bastion to show the rest of EF how creative limits can be pushed.


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EF Education First

That sense of joy you can’t quite explain

An overuse of generic travel photography and stock imagery in the marketplace led us to a point where there was a clear need for differentiation; but also a need to lean on the conventions of the marketplace to be relatable. Combining photography with illustration as a constant thread for expressive themes for the identity was the result.

The use of illustration alludes to freewheeling spirit, daydreaming and joy—to doodles, personal wonder; and wander. As the mind travels like the traveler does, sometimes imagination takes us to places before we physically arrive. The shapes used are purposefully abstract— elusive in meaning—but present in emotion. The illustrations assume a diverse array of shapes and sizes, helping to communicate this feeling.

A balance between expression and accessibility

As with any eCommerce platform, the primary intent is for the user to be able to easily get to the products on offer. Accessibility to the trip itineraries very much led the user experience and interface designs, with the expressive layer adding a sprinkle of emotive support throughout.

Therefore that brand layer is contained and controlled, so the user can get to where they want to go. And, so they can easily buy the thing on offer. A system of where the expression can and can’t exist was devised so that balance is always maintained as the expression evolves.

Social media gateways

Social channels act as key gateways for customers to access the EFUB website. It’s where their influencers lead the conversation and their customers use up a lot of their digital currency. Part of the inspiration for the creative direction stemmed from this sphere, so naturally the visual language feels at home on social platforms.

The illustration and photography mix can really come to life on social platforms

Let’s get physical

EFUB is a completely digital product. No brochures or physical items. However as part of the process, we ideated on new touchpoints that delved into the physical that would add value for the customer.


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