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My first foray into independent publishing

A showcase of the creative cycling community

In the late 2000's and early 2010's, fixed gear cycling was a craze circling the earth. Having just moved to London, and having been a keen cyclist in many facets throughout most of my life, it seemed only natural for me to adopt into this culture for both commuting and leisure purposes. It became clear that I was never going to be an Olympic track cyclist or appear on edits doing crazy tricks. So I contributed to the culture in the way I knew how: through design.

I initially started a blog that showcased creativity within the fixed gear community, and soon enough I self-published two x5000 runs of newspaper periodicals that were then distributed around the UK, EU and USA — for free. I curated illustrators, photographers, directors, designers and writers to create new content for the magazines, riders for interviews and secured a range of companies to pay for media space within the newspapers that paid for both runs.


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A massive thank you to everybody on the closer F&W team, along with every contributor to helped make this happen:

Nick Shea, Gav Tilstone, Alex Farrall, George Simkin, Phil McNeill, Michael Mercer-Brown, Bags of Joy, Brenton Salo, eight bit, Max Kuplin, Trafik, David Rowe, Jason Rosete, Zach Bossington, Eric Tearle, AM Bushe, Ricky Feather, Savannah Clarke, Jan Kloss, Danny Cox, Ben Steers, Sebastian Pape, Christian Coomer, Josh Deardorff, Patrick Thomas, Norman Hayes, Alex Fowkes, Bas Chrispijn, William Harris, David Bennet, Emerge Studios, Danny Cox, Roland Ellis, Rudy Melo, Matt Strawson, ath1281, 14 Bike Co., Matt Lingo, Chris Piascik, Uberkraaft, SPIN, SuperTed, Ben Wilson, Sawdust, Threen, Das, Ben Orcutt, The 5th Floor, Matthew The Horse, Sneaky Racoon, Rob Davies, Tokyo Fixed, 44/16, LSF, Darryl Bingham, Jam Factory, Weird Pista, Rebecca Cleal, Ride and Yeah, Velopaint, Jason Rubino, Sacha Sztajnbok, Roman Skyva, Snowblinded, Matthew Cox, Brad Bishop, Steven Jenson, Juliet Elliot, Toria Chys, Torey Thornton, Chris Akrigg, David Jaquin, Hannah Mayho, Jason Milligan, David Perkins and The Newspaper Club.