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No idea, no fear, nothing to lose

The ninth of May two thousand and eleven

Alex and I opened up a small design studio in Manchester, UK. At the time, we were young, hungry and oh so naive. But this naivety helped us a lot looking back. We weren't afraid to do things how we thought they should be done, even if it turned out that they really shouldn't be done the way we did them. But it was all a massive learning curve for us, so soon out of university together. As time moved on, we worked our asses off on large, international accounts for Coca-Cola and Pelé Sports, whilst keeping our fingers in local pies. We had a lot of fun, and soaked up every moment of it. Sure, we made mistakes, but who hasn't? Near the end of 2013 Alex and I parted ways and left our beloved little studio for pastures new. On this page is the little company we built.






    • Alex Farrall
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