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The nexus point where science, technology and sport meets

The cornerstone of the Pelé Sports product range

I led the identity design and digital effort for the ground breaking, ultra-light football boot Trinity 3E by Pelé Sports. The boot boasted a completely new type of outsole that provided players with the perfect tool for sprints, tackles, and quick match movement.


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The boot sported the TBR logo we developed for the master Pelé Sports brand identity

Heritage meets hyper-modern

There was a need for a clear link back to the master Pelé Sports brand identity, which at the time was in a constant state of development as we looked to establish the approach. We knew that by leaning into the modernity of the boot combined with the heritage of Pelé himself would yield interesting results—so we took a similar approach for the Trinity 3E design direction.

Competition for established giants

As a product that at the time, broke so much ground on what was the norm in the market, and with a customer base that is not only incredible savvy but also viscously loyal to the likes of Nike and Adidas, the design language that surround the boot could make or break the success when it was to hit the market.

An immersive digital experience

The primary objective of the site was to showcase the boot and the technology that informed its creation. Secondly, it was important to build on the story around Pelé, and how the world's greatest footballer's heritage helped build the Pelé Sports brand, of which the Trinity 3E boot was the jewel in the crown of the product range.

The story of the boot and the player

The area 'above the fold' on the home page was identified as the key area to show off not only the boot and its attributes, but supply a glimpse to the story that helped create the product. Whilst automatic, the user can also control a pull page carousel in this space to reveal more images of the boot and refreshed images of Pele's illustrious career.

This action is repeated further down with a more visual carousel control, where the boot fills the width of the browser window for a closer view and more detailed information about the Trinity 3E.

A good old fashioned launch event

Pelé himself, alongside professional footballers Rio Ferdinand, Anton Ferdinand and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain, were in attendance as the company announced to the world its intent to run head first into an exciting corner of the football marketplace.


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