Black Sheep Studios

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A multi-disciplinary studio within an advertising behemoth

Creating room for design in Black Sheep Studios

After joining BBH London as Head of Design in 2022, one of the first things I looked at (alongside Stephen Ledger-Lomas and Rory Forrest) was how we re-launch the already established, internal production entity Black Sheep Studios — with a wider offer encompassing music and design.

Aside from being responsible for guiding the visual identity and website to fruition, my role has been to carve out a design-led point of view for the studio, as well as building a culture fit for design to thrive within it — through casting of the right team and a revitalised approach to process.


Head of Design





By adding design and music into the already established production offering at Black Sheep Studios, we have formed a full-service production company as we move to a “direct-to-brand” approach across the three disciplines.

Black Sheep Studios initially launched at the beginning of 2015, aiming to “focus on low-cost, fast-turn­around work, mostly for digital campaigns” — and we continue this ethos as we move forward. This enables us to offer music and design-led services to clients at an accessible level, without the scale of the BBH machine being involved. We can be more nimble, under the radar, and work on different kinds of projects usually out of reach to BBH.


    • Miriam Menendez
    • Designer
    • Josh Bailey
    • Motion Designer