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A balance between academia and adventure

A united Hult Ashridge and EF Education First

Hult EF Corporate Education operates in a B2B environment, and our new color palette reflects that. The aging copper is the ‘heritage’, representing the strong academic foundation of the MBA. It also touches on the organization’s experimental, digital and adaptive nature. We extended the color range based on copper’s properties. When copper ages, it oxidizes and matures into a unique green, conveying heritage. There is also a vibrancy and intensity which expresses joy and transformation.

All our graphic elements are used across the board to complement complex themes, communicate concepts through new perspectives and even tell stories in rich and attractive ways. We are a people-based business, so we want to show the people. The brand uses two different genres: business portrait and lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography that is usually used within full-bleed photography in editorial layouts helps with the brand identity and helps viewers identify with the brand. Presenting a scene that communicates emotions to the viewer.

This project was the last I worked on as part of the EF Global Creative Studio, as was seen to completion by Russell Smith, Lukas Kulakowski and Miriam Olszewski.


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