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Accelerating the installation of solar gloablly

Solar, sooner

Enstall exist to accelerate the installation of solar by crafting highly engineered patented solar mounting products. This is embodied in the brand platform idea of 'Solar, sooner' — and the visual identity we created marries to that idea. Enstall's products are the unseen and unknown in the solar world, hidden from view underneath panels, but crucial to the installation and working of solar systems.

I led the design and creative teams across the brand transformation project as an active partner with colleagues at the VC firm Blackstone, and directly with C-suite stakeholders at Enstall.


Creative Director





Angles of light and shadow

Our design ideas focused on creating angles of light in the identity, a world that marries tech, engineering and precision with warmth, possibility and illumination. Using light and shadow to create dynamic angles, we helped a connected but pointed company that is crisp, directional and innovative to show up in the best possible way.

Guiding the new reality

We worked on the brand identity guidelines platform 'Standards' to build a reactive and dynamic set of guideline documentation. This enabled us to bring in motion examples to the guidelines, as well as other native features such as type testers, all of which together allows the internal Enstall design team to download assets and view documentation quickly — as well as being able to update and modify inline with the organic growth of the brand identity.


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