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For whatever you love, there is a place for it in objects.city

The latest destination in 3D printing

objects.city is a place to find all the things that you love — and make them from just the touch of a button. At the core of the business is a marketplace packed with creators, companies and customers who are all looking to share 3D printed creations. Over time, users will build up a directory of their favourite creators and companies, along with a history of everything they’ve collected and spent while on their journey through town.


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Hangar 75

Flags are universally symbolic with people, with places and with communities. They exist to iconify a purpose or passion, and rather beautifully, they come in a range of shapes and sizes which act as a perfect, systematic visual metaphor for the marketplace of creators that all have a place in objects.city.

The combining elements of hands work to communicate the element of making and craft that is a truth in the 3D print world — and as a direct contradiction to the overly saturated digital aesthetic that consumes this sector.

The product at the heart

A canvas for creators

A marketplace is nothing without the creators that make and sell their wares. From global companies to independent designers, there will be an abundance of talented craftspeople that can have a stall in objects.city.

As part of the onboarding process, visitors to objects.city can personalise the content they’ll see. This ensures that they’re seeing the most suited parts of the city for them—no getting lost in the wrong end of town! Each product page is the centre of the application. Here, users can get informed about the product, contribute to the community with comments and images and download the necessary files to have the object in question. As the city grows and develops, there will be printer connectivity functionality as standard. Here, users can add a queue of objects, control the status of their printer and it’s filament.



Scope of work

Identity design
Product design
UX design
Motion direction
Project management
Development handover


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