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An anomaly within the EF global product landscape

Spearheading online English learning

EF English Live is EF’s digital-only English language learning product. With 1000’s of teachers based around the world, they are the largest online English school in the world and offer a premium learning environment with a large customer base in South America.

EFEL has also been the official language training provider for multiple Olympic Games, as well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. English Live is positioned as a service for people across the world with a desire to progress in their lives.


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EF Education First

Refined business goals equal refined design outputs

EFEL sits slightly outside of the global product landscape because of its history as being known as solely as Englishtown, and then English Live, before being associated with EF. From a visual point of view, the direction of the identity had to take on a new form away from other EF products.

Inspired by the principles and foundations defined in G.U.D. 4, we developed a responsive logo lockup system where English Live has increased prominence compared to conventional EF products.

A human edge for a digital-only product

After a round of creative strategy conducted by LaGUARDA Consultancy, based in Holland, the concept around the visual language was formed around the idea of being more human. With that, and in contrast to the digital only nature of the product, we championed the use of honest photography with traditional, analogue photography effects to make the imagery more approachable.


    • Joel Hladecek
    • Chief Creative Officer
    • Marcus Ivarsson
    • Digital Creative Director
    • Franziska Stetter
    • Senior Designer
    • Lukasz Kulakowski
    • Digital Art Director
    • Stefan Hellberg
    • Photographer
    • Stefan Hellberg
    • UX Designer
    • Maria Grazia De Francesco
    • Photographer
    • Clara Wiberg
    • Moving Image