Google Environmental Insights Explorer

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A UX and UI pass on Google's sustainability hub

Opening up environmental insights for everybody

Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) is a freely available data and insights tool that uses exclusive data sources and modeling capabilities to help cities and regions measure emissions sources, run analyses, and identify strategies to reduce emissions — creating a foundation for effective action. With EIE, changemakers around the world can continue to make their communities more sustainable, resilient, and adaptive to climate change.

While at Google's Creative Lab, I looked at new ways to bring the EIE product to life from a visionary perspective, improving on and inventing new methods of UX and UI. The overall approach leant into a more holistic and accessible opening of the data points inside EIE to individuals and businesses as well as cities, so more people could take action on said data and insights with the end goal of saving energy and reducing emissions.


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Visually communicating community insights

There are 6 key areas of insight that provides data for people to act accordingly; Electrical Grid, Building Emissions, Air Quality, Solar Potential, Tree Canopy and Transportation Emissions. We created a series of posters featuring the same house in different scenarios to push the idea that these environmental factors affect us in the place we cherish the most: our homes.

These posters were then placed in location-specific OOH spots — Solar Potential in a sunny spot, Tree Canopy in a leafy suburb and Transportation Emissions in an Underground station.


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