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Bringing easier automation to the world’s warehouses

No warehouse left behind

Warehouses can be chaotic and complicated places — every square inch is precious. Movu's job is to help optimise that space, and to make sure a warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently. Movu's belief is that any warehouse, big or small, regular or awkward shaped, can be made efficient through automation. Movu's robots are smart enough to make any operation feel simple and easy, that lean on a market-leading integrated ecosystem. It's low-entry. It offers standardised and scalable automated solutions. With the right help, Movu makes every warehouse more productive, more efficient and more successful.

I led the design and creative teams across the brand transformation project as an active partner with colleagues at the VC firm Blackstone, and directly with C-suite stakeholders at Movu Robotics.


Creative Director





Modularity in motion

The visual world of warehouse robotics, ironically, is considerably static, expectedly dry and incredibly corporate. Our job was to channel the strategic framework of the what, why and market advantages into a tangible design system that differentiates from category norms. The topic of automation is a key moment in that purpose statement, and coupled with a literal interpretation of their product and how it works in a warehouse scenario, we developed a kit of parts born out of the truth of modularity and movement.

At the centre of the identity is the 'Movuline' — based off the M from the wordmark — which itself mirrors the racking systems built by parent company, Stow. The Movuline's movement echoes that of a robot through a grid of warehouse racking, rendered across 2D and 3D planes. This unique graphic device opens a world of illustrative possibility for simple communications concepts and for ownable, memorable branded elements, too.

5 films. 72 CG shots. 8 weeks.

We created a master film to tell the Movu story and to introduce the new brand, as well as several product films to showcase each of their autonomous robots. The film acted as the jewel in the crown of how the new brand was announced, featuring a track of classical music that emphasised the dance of the robots in the warehouse, adding emotion to an otherwise cold sector. The contrast was striking, the final output wreaking of quality.

A new end-to-end, top-to-bottom website

An equal 50-50% split of UX and UI design, executed within a very tight timeframe of 3 1/2 months. What initially seemed like a straightforward microsite design project, evolved into a complex and challenging task, that involved audits and discovery phase, the development of a digital content strategy, structuring and organising information architecture, creating user journeys and flows, conducting workshops and client interviews, testing ideas with developers, working with copyrighter to produce content, creating and testing interactive prototypes and designing a modular and reusable UI design system with elements of immersive 3D animations.


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