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A progressive identity for a game-changing tool

Positive rebellion within the career industry

Progression helps teams measure career growth, putting bodged together spreadsheets (and other work tracking tools) in the dust. Jonny and Neil approached me with need to create a visual language that communicated the brand positioning of an Optmistic Activist.

Following a phase that defined a set of visual principles and guardrails, the resulting visual exercise was conscious to portray the values and beliefs rooted within the company — those of not accepting the status quo, having a clear point of view and pushing the perception of what career-based software can look and feel like.

The logotype comes in a range of variations, gently suggesting a sense of progression through 6° and 12° inclines, with flexible iterations in between that are reflective of what a career path could be — but one that is always progressing in a positive direction.





A clear visual opinion compared to the sector marketplace needed to be channeled through the design language — one that is unconventional and confident, while remaining optimistic and upbeat.

Through the bold use of colour and typographic treatments, this unapologetic design system stands apart from others within the sector.