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An entire city stirred into collaborative action

Together we make the city

For almost two years, there was a revitalised creative energy in Stoke-on-Trent as multiple companies, bodies, agencies, artists and creatives of all types joined forces to enter the race to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2021. I sat on the bid committee alongside some of the most important people in the city and shaped the visual language that surrounded the bid.


Creative Director
Bid Committee Member




Design by Weather

Six is the magic number

The concept was built around the number six. The city is made up of six towns and inside that area over 250,000 people. Six hyphens were used—one to represent each town—to figuratively connect the logo for the bid together, inspiring the city to then literally do the same by uniting efforts and ideologies for the chance of cultural prosperity.

The design language was built around a 6 column / row grid in which all communications were designed within

A digital culture hub

The uprising of cultural events, initiatives and companies that wanted to be associated with the bid quickly resulted in the need of a comprehensive web presence. The purpose of the website wedesigned and built was to not only highlight the great cultural relevance of the city, but also act as an information portal for tourists. Social media channels acted as important touchpoints to gain bid ambassadors, and in exchange, receive exposure for their own culturally-led events and ideas.


    • Chrish Dunne
    • Digital Designer / Developer