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An end-to-end brand identity for a one-man-band

A brand identity for Chrish @ Modular Everything

Chrish is a creative digital developer based out of middle England. As a long-time collaborator of mine, ex-employee and all round good gent, he approached me not only for a visual identity but a thought through brand identity for his company, Modular Everything. While strategic frameworks and documentation that outlines a company's why is usually dedicated to multi national corporations, there's absolutely no reason why Chrish couldn't have one for M.E, either. So, that's what we worked on together.


Creative Director



Chrish designed and built the M.E website based off the visual identity

Visual Identity

Chrish's practice is rooted in traditional graphic design, its principles and point of view on creativity. I channeled this truth, being inspired by an early 90s 8vo visual language that felt up-to-date and at home in a modern digital environment. The system pulls from the idea of a pixel being the ultimate modular element in the world of screens, and at its simplest form, a pixel is just a block of colour. A dynamic portrayal of a pixel follows, pulling on the strings of the defined adjectives and traits — and core belief — from the strategy.