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Re-positioning a manufacturing giant toward a sustainable future

From Schenk Process to Qlar™

The buildings we live and work in. The products that enable us to live our lives. The fabric of the world around us. Everything begins with the things people make, and the things they make begin by transforming materials. Material transformation has helped shape the modern world, and Qlar believes it has a responsibility to meet the needs of the planet, too. How? By putting data and digital intelligence at the heart of processing, for unprecedented precision with zero wastage. By developing ever smarter equipment that responds faster and more economically to commercial objectives. And by employing the brightest minds to keep innovating with ingenious ideas to solve the ever-changing challenges of business.

We helped Qlar shift perspective to no longer just helping the world transform materials — but to helping transform the way the world is made. I led the design team across the brand transformation project as an active partner with colleagues at the VC firm Blackstone, and directly with C-suite stakeholders at Qlar.


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An identity system that's modern, fluid, confident and reductive

Qlar's company transformation came with the need for a brand transformation, and the foundation of this new identity needed to be grounded in a story — one that encapsulated their brand species, purpose and ambition. This framework, further armoured with defined audience, growth levers and already established company values, guides the organisation on their future journey for brand decision making. This visual story is the embodiment of the strategy, ensuring the new brand identity lives up to the goals behind the company transformation.

The Qlar™ loop is the central distinctive asset for the brand identity. It's expression is deeply rooted in the brand story, born from the thinking within it, coupled with a great amount of flexibility that allows the company to show up in a number of ways.

The loop is an ever-present symbol of the brand and its purpose. It symbolises circularity made real via a mathematical shape without boundaries that suggests innovation and endless potential.

All components of the Qlar™ brand identity are born from this iconic shape. It acts as a vessel for the visual language, constantly communicating the idea of infinity, circularity and continuous motion.


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